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Problem uploading logs

Beitragvon Vidfamne » Mi 16. Dez 2015, 10:43

There is a 'bug' in uploading logs if you upload both cache logs as well as trackable logs.

I have the apps set to auto-visit trackables.

Say that I have two trackables and log three caches, that makes 3 logs and 6 visits in total to upload.
However, the app logs the caches first, _then_ the trackables.

So if I leave a trackable in the second cache, I then get an error when the logs are made, that I cannot log that trackable as visiting the first cache, as I no longer owns it.... But I did at the time I logged the first cache...

So it would be better to log cache 1, then trackables for cache 1, _then_ cache 2 and trackables for cache 2 and so on...
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