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Re: maloo outdoor 8 blocks endomondo

Beitragvon Thorsten » Do 12. Nov 2015, 11:08

To make it clear: If i start endomodo and then recording - it doesn't matter if i use Maaloo blue or Sports Tracker - Endomodo is not only stopping tracking - Endomodo is crashing!

I guess, that maybe with Windows Phone 10 Versions of Maaloo and Endomodo this will change... but today for u - if track with heartrate is Prio one u should use Endomodo as preferred app.
Here u can use in paralell Maaloo green for looking up ur position on the map
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Re: maloo outdoor 8 blocks endomondo

Beitragvon olimic » Mo 23. Nov 2015, 21:44

Maybe it is not allowed to have two apps consuming GPS-signal in the background.
I hope this behaviour will be changed in the final W10M.
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Re: maloo outdoor 8 blocks endomondo

Beitragvon majovajo » Mo 23. Nov 2015, 21:52

This is definitely not right. I can use "GPS tuner Outdoor navigation" together with the Endomondo. Or Here maps. After start of Sports-tracker - Endomondo also crashes. Before, it was not such a case and I still can use Maaloo green with Endomondo. There must be anothere limitation maybe reasonable but then I would needed fully useful GPS tracking soft with heart rate monitor and export to GPX. Let's wait for the Win mob 10.
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