[geocaching] Universal app?

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[geocaching] Universal app?

Beitragvon msirapian » Di 23. Jun 2015, 10:09


I'm testing the W10 Mobile insider preview on a secondary device (Lumia 535) whilst keeping WP8.1 on my daily driver (1020).

Maaloo geocaching doesn't really work on W10, because it doesn't appear in the confidentiality/location app list (where one can grant or not the ability to access location). Hence no GPS. A popup appear to enable GPS, but (current W10 bug), it does appear *out of screen* in portrait mode, and the workaround is to turn the device to landscape mode to see the dialog box. This only works for apps supporting landscape mode.

Anyway, my question is: are maaloo apps (geocaching and outdoor, but I focus mainly on geocaching) going to migrate to WinRT/Universal apps? That would be great (prepare geocaching/hiking on the tablet with the same app) and would take the most benefit out of W10 novelties.

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Re: [geocaching] Universal app?

Beitragvon olimic » So 9. Aug 2015, 10:48

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