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Beitragvon NormaBreizh » So 10. Mai 2015, 20:29

Hello, I'm french user of MAALOO geocaching since 3 years.

I've already do a request by mail (oliv) to have a bouton to use the flash light in the app...

I've a question or request :
When I do a serie, i loggue for example the first cache, then the 2nd, then the 3rd...
And when I go to "Notes" and transfert logs, the order is inversed.
The 3rd is send in first, then the 2nd and finaly the 1st.

So the TB "visit" cache in the wrong order...
French GéoCacheur
Excuse me for my English...
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Re: Offline logs

Beitragvon buddler » Di 2. Jun 2015, 10:06

Maybe an Option like "upload logs in order of creation date" or something else would be useful.
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