How to flush tile cache

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How to flush tile cache

Beitragvon Myrtillus » Mi 1. Okt 2014, 19:15


I would like to know if there is any way to clear map tile cache on windows phone? We are updating frequently the OSM on a certain area and would like to have that also available on phone. At the moment we have not found a handy way to get the newest tiles visible on the phone. The only ways what we have discovered are:
- download the area again as offline map (sometimes it does not update all zoom levels)
- reinstall the Maaloo Outdoor

Being able to force tile flushing would be a great feature!

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Re: How to flush tile cache

Beitragvon olimic » Mi 15. Okt 2014, 12:38


you can select the map provider from the Online-Page and select the 'Delete'-button from the menu, this should delete all tiles of this map provider.
And you can select the downloaded area from Offline-Page and press 'Delete', this will delete the tiles of only this downloaded area, but without tiles which are part of other downloaded areas of the same map provider.
Normally this works ;)
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