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Trip log

Beitragvon jasand » Do 26. Dez 2013, 14:38

Im using Maaloo geocaching for few days now and really miss a trip log.
Just to understand me right : a line where you came from...walked.
I think( from the pictures)that Outdoor has it. Also in geocaching would be good to see where you came from, where you allready searched...etc. Maybe i just dont know where to turn it on.

Very good aplication btw. Keep up good work.
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Re: Trip log

Beitragvon buddler » Do 26. Dez 2013, 22:44

That's a nice idea! I'd admire that. It doesn't have to be as sophisticated as in maaloo outdoor (saving trips or tracks and managing them) but it'd be ok, when you tap "go" and your movements will be displayed. After "cancel target", the triplog could be deleted.

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Re: Trip log

Beitragvon olimic » Mi 30. Apr 2014, 07:51

The two version are getting merged now. The Geocaching-version will also have a record-feature, but without the track management.
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