Geocaching with Outdoor or Outdoor 8 on WP 8.1?

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Geocaching with Outdoor or Outdoor 8 on WP 8.1?

Beitragvon t603 » Mo 30. Mai 2016, 12:25


I am long time happy user of Your Geocaching app (now in version on my Lumia 635 (512 RAM) with WP 8.1.

Now I discovered Your Green Outdoor app. Tried for one day, used for Navigation along the (custom PC created) GPX route, impressed. In Geocaching InApps I see, that I can buy green Outdoor (without 8). But on Your web You wrote, that Blue Outdoor (with 8) is better, newer, under future development, while Green Outdoor is all not.

So my question is: How can I buy (better) Blue Outdoor 8, when I already have Geocaching, to be able to integrate both them together, receive discount for buying Blue Outdoor 8 etc.?

One more question: Does Blue Outdoor support OSM vector maps for viewing etc.?

One hint ~ RFE for Green Outdoor (I used it yesterday, before I found Blue Outdoor): It would be nice during Navigation along the GPX Route to receive VOICE (beeping, not real voice) notification, that I am (user based) (N + horizontal accuracy) meters away from the route and enable it to check it on background (when screen is off) to save energy for screen.
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