External GPS Receivers Support

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External GPS Receivers Support

Beitragvon ampersand » Di 24. Sep 2013, 14:37

Hi, will maloo support external gps (bluetooth) devices (like the GPS Bluetooth APP). This will make caching much more fun. My Lumia 925 ist seldom more accurate than 4 meters.

tx amper
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Re: External GPS Receivers Support

Beitragvon olimic » Mo 30. Sep 2013, 07:23

Yes V2.0 comes in oct'13 and introduces some WP8-features. It will have here-Nokia-maps and perhaps maps from sd-card.
V2.1 some weeks later will have some more WP8-features like text-to-speech for proximity and the bluetooth external GPS :)
maaloo Developer
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Re: External GPS Receivers Support

Beitragvon mariski » Do 14. Apr 2016, 09:18

have Win10 Mobile build 10.0.10586
How to enable externall GPS support in app? Can`t find the option to turn on....
Do I need to go back to WP8.1 ?
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