Continue track after battery change

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Continue track after battery change

Beitragvon leocaes » Mo 4. Jan 2016, 10:04

Hi Oliver!,

First of all, i want to wish you a very happy new year, and i wish you had unforgettable Christmas :)

Tomorrow i'm going to take a long mtb trip, and i'm sure my battery won't last. Fortunately, y have a ton of BL-5J batteries and i'll have energy enough for the phone (an i hope for me too!!).

Even if it's easy to merge two pgx into one using notepad or 3rd party winapps, i was thinking that no app in the market gives the option to "Continue track", and load a previously saved gpx file. That would be a great feature for your app.

Happy new year to all maaLoo's mates!
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