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feature suggestion

Beitragvon rubicj » Fr 5. Jun 2015, 18:59

Hey, would be great if you could add
- calories burned
-sharing options for- current position and for track
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Re: feature suggestion

Beitragvon buddler » Sa 13. Jun 2015, 08:59

Calories burned - no, there are enough specialized fitness trackers.

Sharing options for current position and track: yes! Demand that, too :)
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Re: feature suggestion

Beitragvon Thorsten » Mi 16. Sep 2015, 13:46

Calories burned is a great idear.... and no, Fitnesstrackers don't help in Windows Phone 8.1!


Described in some threads there is no option in 8.1 to do tracking in the background - the tracking app must be the actual running app!

If i start a fitnessapp either the fitnessapp or Maaloo is not able to track and so no calories can't be calculated while also using Maaloo.

And with Calories i would like to see the steps....
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